Get to know us!

Reddo was founded in 2010, when we saw a gap in the industry for specialised high quality care and support within local authorities and care homes. There was no lack of suppliers in this field but a lack of people recruiting who truly cared and had a genuine interest in the end service users wellbeing

Our Mission Statement:

‘It is the objective of Reddo to provide a service to all clients to a standard of excellence, which embraces fundamental principles of good practice, and that this may be witnessed and evaluated through the practice and quality of our work’.

We didn’t choose the name “Reddo” arbitrarily – it rather was the other way around. In Latin, “reddo” means “to give back,” – and it perfectly encapsulates the core of our team’s mission. We are a small company with a very personal yet professional approach, who genuinely care about having a positive impact on the lives of those most vulnerable in society.  

We are guided by integrity, transparency, compassion, and the higher goal of making the world around us a little better. Our philosophy is what drives our excellent results and is expressed every step of the way. 

Our honest, helpful, and consultative approach sets us apart from our competitors. Our commitment is to excellence in all areas of our services. In a highly challenging and demanding market place Reddo will always find the right solution to the satisfaction of both clients and candidates.  

All our office staff have a background in counselling, caring, and other supporting and therapeutic roles which helps when assisting clients with the needs of there organisations and supporting and selecting staff who work with us . Our staff who work in the community are equally qualified and have exceptional skills in working with those they support, as well as dedication and commitment. Reddo’s reputation has been built on our attention to detail. We fully appreciate the importance of understanding our clients specific needs and requirements. We thoroughly asses our candidates to establish their abilities and aspirations and have the knowledge required to ensure a successful hiring solution. We believe that staff members who work closely with service users have the power to inspire them to thrive, overcome barriers and break negative patterns. This is precisely why we convey a different, deeper approach to selecting and screening them, ensuring they have the right professional, behavioural and human skills to make a difference.  

Our investment in the latest industry software enables us to source candidates at short notice, produce costing reports, quality assurance and compliance reports for clients.  This in turn provides our clients and candidates with a professional and reliable service, a service that we believe is of the highest standards within our industry. Our 20 years of combined experience blended with empathy, kindness, patience and professionalism enables us to source the best candidates from our trusted network and always overdeliver.

We all work together, and this creates a feeling of being like one united team, or as our staff refer to us –
One big family!