Children's Home

Illustration of children drawing houses

This is Reddo’s newest project yet, which is still in the process of being developed!

Our passion to open a project for children grew from working for many years in children’s social care and seeing how children were moved around from home to home within the early stages of life and how they missed out on opportunities and educational prospects because of this.

Our approach is holistic, we use different theories to connect the child to who they are, we use alternative educational approaches that create and develop the child’s sense of self. We aim to provide an environment whereby a child feels safe, heard, and has the ability to express themselves fully.

We provide an environment where a child can learn and has the same educational opportunities as other children, we develop the child’s creativity to help them make sense of themselves and the world around them, and above all we aim to give children a home where they feel safe, happy and heard.

We aim to have our first children home by mid of 2022.

If interested please do get in contact with us for further information.