Therapeutic Services

Illustration of therapeutic session

Our therapeutic service provides bespoke, standard or individual tailored therapeutic packages to clients. We have parenting programs which we deliver to families or carers of young people and we have our young people’s programs which we deliver to children at different psychological developmental stages of their lives.

At Reddo we create positive outcomes through our holistic and person centered approach. We use tried and tested methods to help children and families understand themselves and have greater awareness of their impact on those around them.  We support people in breaking free of systematic conditioning and cycles of abuse. We help people to understand the consequences around their choices, by working in the here and now. We also help people to take responsibility for their life and to own their position and the role they play within the family system.

Our aim, with the children we support, is to create more understanding of the world around them and to help young people make sense of their feelings, and helping them to gain a sense of self. We use educational, holistic methods of play and therapy to do this. We believe every child matters and giving children at all ages tools and a good level of self-awareness can make all the difference in their life choices and social outcomes.

We also understand the importance of families staying together, and how to change the programming around belief systems and right and wrong ways of parenting. We give parents and carers the skills to parent their children whilst also working and looking at their own ‘inner child’ and understanding their role in the child’s behaviour. We help them to explore and challenge their own methods and ways of living, whilst giving them tools and sometimes just the awareness and support they need in order to keep their family together through being conscious of their own behaviours.

Reddo aims to empower children and families to break free from the system, achieve independence, and reach their goals, and ultimately to feel ‘seen’ and ‘heard’.  Our diverse team of therapists are able to observe every family, child or young adult’s individual circumstance to develop a tailored plan that empowers them to overcome barriers.

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